Mercado named “Power Player”

The latest issue of Latino Magazine has released its list of 2013 “Power Players” in Washington, profiling the top Latino lobbyists on Capitol Hill. OGR’s Moses Mercado is one of seven professionals featured for his work on a variety of issues, including financial services, healthcare, and energy.

Mercado’s work in advocacy and client relations is applauded by Latino Magazine, which views lobbying as a vital component of our government and a tremendous asset to advancing Hispanic priorities. Mercado equates his work at OGR to his previous career on Capitol Hill, saying “You need to learn the issues, and why those issues are important to your client. Once you can convey the contributions your client makes to the economy, such as jobs and investments, it is easy to advocate for them.”

With experience at the highest levels of Congress and national politics, Moses Mercado has established himself as a powerful force among Washington’s political elite. Mercado has designed and executed winning strategic plans for leading public officials, including then Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, former House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt (D-MO), Senator John Kerry (D-MA), and other Senate Democratic Caucus Members. Mercado previously held the position of deputy chief of staff to former Majority Leader Dick Gephardt (D-MO).