OGR’s seasoned and dedicated principals routinely use their political expertise and professional relationships to achieve positive results for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Recognized for our actions in many of the top lobbying battles each year, OGR has earned a reputation as one of the leading and most respected government relations firms in Washington, D.C.

Protecting the Brand
OGR is the lead consultant to professional motorsports coalition.
Fend Off Fines, Frivolous Litigation
OGR represents utilities penalized while running under DOE emergency orders, exposing the companies to lawsuits and financial penalties.
Federal Agencies and a Pandemic
Ogilvy helped client obtain FDA product approval that was critical in health management during the COVID -19 pandemic.
Fighting Unfair Foreign Competition
U.S. manufacturer sought a federal standard to combat unfair foreign imports containing high concentrations of lead and arsenic.
Cross-Border Access for Trucking
OGR hired by the largest grocery store chain in Texas and Mexico to allow trucking across U.S.-Mexico border that was previously never implemented.