OGR’s principals have bipartisan expertise on the full range of policy issues debated in Washington. Our principals effectively represent leading corporations, associations and institutions with their legislative and regulatory concerns. The blend of senior level former staffers and administration officials provide us the experience to develop winning government relations strategy campaigns and the ability to reach virtually every office on Capitol Hill and within The White House.

Some of the most sophisticated and recognized global, national and regional energy interests rely upon OGR for strategic counsel and advocacy services.
OGR clients receive the technical specialty found in boutique tax firms, as well as political reach into the four corners of Congress. Both are critical to success.
Hispanic Influence
As the United States Latino population and Latino representation in Congress continue to grow, the influence of this community is increasingly important in Washington.
Financial Services
From the most conservative firebrands in the House to the most progressive Senate Democrats, OGR possess the perspective and strength to build and execute effective strategies.
Providing issue-focused expertise to helping build congressional coalitions that further the interests in the automotive, aviation, rail, transit, and maritime sectors.
Counsel and advocacy to global companies on the Affordable Care Act, new product approval, government reimbursement rates, corporate tax structure and international trade.
Telecommunications and Technology
Our Technology and Telecommunications team works with clients to advocate telecommunications and privacy issues, as well as intellectual property matters.
Securing and expanding market access is a top priority. On the front lines of Washington's current trade wars and represents some of the world's most recognized global brands and industries.
Party Leadership
Our ability to develop successful strategies that identify key leverage points based upon the political environment and to use those are to our clients’ advantage.