Ogilvy Financial Services provides clients with reach into the Financial Services and Banking Committees like no other firm in Washington. From the most conservative firebrands in the House to the most progressive Senate Democrats shaping financial services policy, Ogilvy possesses the perspective and strength to build and execute effective financial services strategies.

A wide array of sophisticated financial services entities, including premier banking and insurance trade associations, private equity funds, the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, and global payment processers and money transmitters, have relied upon our team’s experience to help them succeed in Washington. From Dodd-Frank to the highest-priority federal insurance programs, Ogilvy is at the epicenter of financial services policy in Washington.

Ogilvy Financial Services Experts:

Dee Buchanan – Buchanan worked hand-in-hand for over a decade with Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling. His strong relationships with House Republican committee members, coupled with his leadership ties, provide clients with the firepower to win.

Tony Bullock – As a former elected official from New York and Senate chief of staff in the New York Delegation, Bullock capitalizes on his strong relationships in the financial services rich tri-state area to advocate on behalf of Ogilvy clients.

Conrad Lass – When Dodd-Frank authors targeted the energy sector, Lass utilized his deep Senate experience to lobby the Senate Banking Committee. His combined two decades of government and advocacy work has taken him into virtually every Senate leadership and Republican office.

Moses Mercado – Mercado’s leadership staff experience, his work in the insurance industry and advocacy efforts on behalf of a number of Ogilvy’s financial services clients enable him to make an immediate impact with congressional Democrats, particularly Financial Services Committee and Leadership, as well as the Administration.

Gordon Taylor – Taylor applies his financial services policy experience to the work he does primarily with New Democrats and moderate Senate Democrats who serve on the Banking Committee.

Karissa Willhite – As deputy chief of staff to a senior member of the Senate Banking Committee, Willhite helped construct Dodd-Frank and positions clients to win with Senate Democrats. Her vast experience dealing with both the financial services industry in New Jersey and consumer protection issues – a keystone for progressives- is a unique combination in Washington advocacy circles.