During the past five years, Washington has fundamentally transformed the delivery and financing of health care in the United States, leaving providers, third-party payers and health product manufacturers vulnerable to seismic alterations of their business models.

Over the years, Ogilvy Health has provided strategic counsel and advocacy support to globally-recognized health care companies on issues related to the Affordable Care Act, new product approval, government reimbursement rates, corporate tax structure and international trade. We’ve also assisted non-profit organizations who wish to qualify for and receive federal health care research and delivery funding.

Health care policy affects every individual and organization in the country. Why don’t you put Ogilvy Health to work for you?

The Ogilvy Health Experts:

Bud Albright – Albright shepherded major health care legislation through Congress as staff director of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Dean Aguillen – Using the member and staff relationships he built in the House with then-Speaker Pelosi, Aguillen deftly navigates health policy developments and provides Ogilvy’s health care clients critical strategic advice for getting their issues resolved.

Gordon Taylor – Taylor brings years of strategic and political expertise, as well as strong Hill relationships, to Ogilvy’s health care team, offering clients advice on how they can best use all of the resources at their disposal to effectively advocate their priorities and concerns before Congress.

Karissa Willhite – From starting her career at the Texas Department of Health, to staff director of the Democratic Caucus Health Care Task Force, to her work for a key Finance Committee member during consideration of the Affordable Care Act, Willhite provides trusted counsel to clients facing healthcare concerns in both the House and Senate. Her deep policy understanding combined with strength of relationships in both chambers make her incredibly effective in delivering positive outcomes for clients.

Tucker Shumack – As a senior staffer for two high-profile Senate Finance Committee members and as a successful policy advocate, Shumack has built the relationships and developed the strategic vision that can make a positive impact on virtually any issue before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee.

Moses Mercado – A former chief of staff to a senior House Energy and Commerce Committee Democrat, and now Ranking Member of the Health Subcommittee, Mercado helps healthcare and pharmaceutical companies build successful advocacy campaigns and develops strategies to achieve optimal results in the 114th Congress.