Businesses and trade associations that don’t engage in the tax reform debate do so at their own peril, which is why Ogilvy Tax provides our clients with a powerful and unique tax advocacy model to succeed in Washington. Ogilvy clients receive the technical specialty found in boutique tax firms, as well as political reach into all corners of Congress. Both of these capabilities are critical to the success of any tax advocacy strategy.
The city’s most well regarded tax specialists lead our Ogilvy Tax team. Between them, they possess seven decades of tax experience, many of those serving on and working with the House Ways & Means and Finance Committees. For decades, all major tax decisions were contained within those committees, but as congressional leadership and outside influencers exert more control over tax policy, we’ve forged the core team with our other partners to create a tax advocacy force that reaches beyond the tax committees, into congressional leadership and all corners of Congress.
When some of the world’s most successful and recognized retailers, pharmaceutical and apparel manufacturers and energy developers rely upon Ogilvy Tax for their strategic success, why shouldn’t you?

Ogilvy Tax Experts:

Jim Gould – Gould’s experience as a staff director at the Senate Finance Committee and Chairman Lloyd Bentsen’s chief tax counsel during the 1986 tax reform debate enables him to provide historical context to today’s debate and our client’s strategies. His publications are required reading for those who want to truly understand the corporate tax reform debate.

Tucker Shumack – Shumack represents the new generation of effective tax lobbyists in Washington. As Senator Snowe’s tax counsel, Shumack provided strategic advice to the most critical Senate swing vote on major tax issues over the last decade. His tax expertise combined with his fresh bipartisan relationships is a rare commodity in the nation’s capital.

Tom Dwyer – With 30 years of corporate, tax and legislative law under his belt, Dwyer has seen and done it all. As a senior Senate staffer, he worked the last major re-write of the corporate tax code, and as a partner in a major law firm and general counsel to a family-owned business, he has provided technical strategy counsel to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Karissa Willhite – Willhite served as deputy chief of staff for Sen. Bob Menendez, a key member of the Senate Finance Committee. Willhite’s roots in progressive Democratic politics, as well as her relationships and strategic abilities to navigate the Senate process help position clients to win.

Dean Aguillen – When Democratic House Members needed help under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership, they went through Aguillen to get it. Aguillen’s strong relationships extend deep into the House Ways and Means Committee. He plays a key role in the annual tax extenders fight.

Dee Buchanan – A former House leadership staffer, Buchanan worked on a day-to-day basis with the Republican members and staff who are shaping our nation’s tax policy. His experience as the chief advisor to the Republican Co-chair of the Super Committee provides truly unique insight into where the middle ground may be when Congress is looking to forge compromise on major legislation.