For many of our clients, securing and expanding market access across the globe is a top – if not the top – priority. Other clients want to make sure that imports do not face punitive treatment, which will raise costs for them and their customers.

The Ogilvy Trade team is operating on the front lines of Washington’s current trade wars and represents some of the world’s most recognized global brands and industries on issues related to Trade Promotion Authority, Trans-Pacific Partnership and domestic energy exports.

Ogilvy Trade Experts:

Conrad Lass – As one of the energy sector’s top lobbyists, Lass has been working to reduce domestic barriers to exporting more of our nation’s energy around the world.

Moses Mercado – Mercado’s vast experience working with international corporations and business-friendly Democrats provide him the expertise to make a convincing case for our clients.

Tucker Shumack – As a senior staffer for two high-profile Senate Finance Committee member and as a successful policy advocate, Shumack has built the relationships and developed the strategic vision that can make a positive impact on virtually any issue before the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee.

Gordon Taylor – Taylor’s strong relationships with New Democrats is an invaluable resource for our clients to reach the swing voters in Congress on high-profile trade issues.

Karissa Willhite – As a senior Senate staffer, Willhite worked on trade issues for a leading member of the Senate Finance Committee and previously helped develop Democratic policy and strategy in House leadership.