From achieving a major client win with the enactment of MAP-21, to providing strategic counsel to one of the latest high profile mergers and acquisitions in domestic aviation, Ogilvy Transportation team members can produce for those who need positive transportation policy results.
The Ogilvy Transportation team has experience working for clients in the automotive, aviation, rail, transit, and maritime sectors. Our services range from providing issue-focused tax expertise to helping build congressional coalitions that further the interests of a major transportation industry.

Isn’t it time to put the power of Ogilvy Transportation to work for you?

Ogilvy Transportation Experts:

Dean Aguillen – Aguillen served as then-Speaker Pelosi’s member services director, and the relationships he built with members extends deep into the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. A former high-level staff member at the Department of Labor, Aguillen has provided strategic guidance and advocacy on transportation issues to corporate clients whose businesses are built around moving goods across the country and around the world.

Chris Giblin – Giblin has strong ties to House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee leadership and House Republican leadership. He provides value to our clients as major transportation legislative products have shifted from large, bipartisan efforts to shorter-term bills that require strict leadership management.

Tony Bullock – Bullock helped secure a major client victory during MAP-21. He now manages our firm’s transportation coalition-building efforts, which has increased our client’s core base of support on Capitol Hill.

Karissa Willhite – Willhite staffed a member of the MAP-21 conference committee in 2012, and her former boss, Sen. Bob Menendez, is the top Democrat on the Senate subcommittee with jurisdiction over mass transit issues and the Federal Transit Administration.