• Alissa Clees


    Alissa Clees joined OGR in 2012 and has not looked back. Clees works with a broad range of clients, from small ad hoc groups and trade associations to global, Fortune 500 companies.

    Alissa is a former staffer to Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) when he served in leadership roles on the Senate Agriculture Committee, the Armed Services Committee, and the Appropriations Committee. At OGR, Clees focuses on issues related to telecommunications, trade, intellectual property, health care, and tourism. She works methodically to advance legislation for her clients, like the Music Modernization Act, the most significant piece of copyright legislation in decades and a high priority for those in the content creator community.

    Clees is well-versed in the inner workings of Capitol Hill and is a pro at managing detail-intensive operations. She routinely develops strategic proposals identifying potential champions in Congress and crafting a battle plan to achieve specific legislative and regulatory objectives. Additionally, she connects executives with key Members of Congress and their staffs to proactively address upcoming priorities and policy concerns.

    Much of Alissa’s personal time is dedicated to a cause near and dear to her heart – electing more women to Congress. She serves on the board of a highly successful women’s fundraising group that supports Frontline Democrats.  Clees manages the board’s logistics and communications responsibilities and facilitates relationships between Members, candidates, Hill staff, and donors.

    As a sports lover and former professional cheerleader, Clees uses any free time to teach dance and fitness workouts and is always happy when a client will join her for class. Alissa and her husband, Tom, live in the District with their two dogs.

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